Lysine sulphate

Lysine sulphate

L-LYSINE We are in the position to offer three kinds of L-Lysine: 1 L-Lysine HCl 98.5% (Feed Grade)2 L-Lysine Sulphate 65% (Feed Grade)3 L-Lysine Sulphate 70% (Feed Grade) Both are fermented from

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We are in the position to offer three kinds of L-Lysine:


1 L-Lysine HCl 98.5% (Feed Grade)

2 L-Lysine Sulphate 65% (Feed Grade)

3 L-Lysine Sulphate 70% (Feed Grade)


Both are fermented from conventionally grown corn starch in China without any foreign materials added during the whole process:


1.The Difference:

1. L-Lysine HCl is highly purified to 98.5% after fermentation.

2. L-Lysine Sulphate, which is more cost-effective, is semi-purified and contains other fermentation by-products such as other essential amino acids and carbohydrate.

3. L-Lysine HCl 98% could attribute 78.4% free lysine and L-Lysine Sulphate 65%, equal to 65% lysine HCl, could provide 51% free lysine in the feed. L-Lysine Sulphate 70%, equal to 70% lysine HCl, could provide 55% free lysine in the feed.




 L lysine Monohydrochloride 98.5%


White or Light Brown Powder

Assay ( dry basis) % 

98.5 Min

Ammonium salt  (NH4) %

0.04 Max

Specific optical rotation 20 D


Loss on drying %

1.0 Max

Residue on ignition %

0.3 Max

PH (1→10 25℃) 



Pass Test

Heavy metals (Pb) mg/kg

0.003 Max

Arsenic mg/kg

0.0002 Max


L lysine Sulphate 70%


Brown or Light Brown Powder 

Identification of sulfate

The White Precipitate

The identification of amino acid

The Solution Was Red Purple

Assay (L-lysine , on dry basis) % 

55 Min

Ammonium salt  (NH4) %

1.0 Max

Granular distribution (>1.7mm) %

10 Max

Loss on drying %

4.0 Max

Residue on ignition %

4.0 Max


Pass test

Heavy metals (Pb) mg/kg

20 Max

Arsenic mg/kg

3.0 Max



·  Improveintelligence, promote growth, enhance physical fitness.

·  Increase appetite, improve malnutrition.

·  Improve sleep and improve memory.

·  Help produce antibodies, hormones and enzymes to enhance immunity, increase hemoglobin.

·  Helps calcium absorption, prevent osteoporosis treatment.

·  Lower blood triglycerides, prevent the production of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases



Inside: vacauumed aseptic PE bags, 25kg per bag.

Outside: kraft paper bag

Packages size can also be offered according to customer requirement.